I've been meaning to tell you what a great job the ladies did. I gladly voted for you in the Best of The Woodlands contest.
-- Angela Severson

Brian, I wasn't able to pick up the house as much as I normally do today. There was a sink full of dishes and laundry piled on the
couch. The housekeepers not only did there normal cleaning, but were also kind enough to wash the dishes and fold the clothes.
Please let the ladies know how grateful I am they went above and beyond.
-- Jessie Maddox

I am very impressed with these ladies! They even found my diamond ring I had lost, and returned it!
-- Linda Maglin

The cleaning team did a really good job. Very satisfied with the service!
-- CJ Milstead

Thank you for such a great job! We appreciate everything so much.
-- Justine Crabbe

(My husband) just got home and we took a stroll around ... WOW!! The landscaping crew did a fantastic job, and I know that you know
we're picky!  ;D  We are thrilled to say the least!
-- Kim Riely

Would you thank the ladies for the great job they did today? After a hectic week filled with too many demands and two days of
doctors appointments to try to vanquish the sinus infection that won't quit, it was SO WONDERFUL to come home to a clean house
today. Many thanks!
-- Bridgette Little

Sweet Christmas! I don't think my house was this clean when it was brand new! Girls did a fantastic job!
-- Kim Bini

The ladies did an incredible job! Amazing! Thank you.
-- Shelly Parker

Thank you for handling the issues I brought to your attention. Much improved!
-- Joyce Daniels

Brian, the ladies you have sent me are incredible. They have done a consistently great job since day one.
-- Michelle Thompson

The cleaning ladies started off well, and have only improved over time. I had given up on finding a good maid service
before I found you.
--Donna Oaks

(If you're) serious about who you hire to clean, this is who to call. We purchased a home that had been vacant for months, and was
just dirty. They did everything from lighting fixtures, shower enclosures, windows, blinds, inside appliances, inside cabinets, floors,
steam cleaned carpets. It is now impossible to find any dirt. Way to go! (3,000 square foot home approx). Very professional: sent us
text messages about what was being done each day as the house was vacant and we were moving cross country. Fair and honest.
(We also kept the yard mowed until the O'Donnells moved in -- TSS)
--Nancy O'Donnell
via Angie's List

I am very happy with the service thus far. You have given me confidence that I will be able to call on you for increased service in the
near future.
-- Linda Hughes

Everyone did a great job -- the interior clean, the power washing and the window cleaning. I am very pleased!
-- Teresa Weber

Thank you so much! The house looks great! Everything was perfect!
-- Nalin and Kristine Hayter

Extraordinary job this week. Please thank the ladies!!
-- Stephanie Loomis-Price

I'm impressed with the good job your team has been doing.
-- Tom McCormack,

You are kind and aboveboard. The cleaning ladies were efficient and thorough. I give you a perfect 5/5 score. Where else can I tell
people about you? I am happy to sign up for regular service.
-- Michelle Thompson

I just wanted to say thank you.  We recently came home from Australia and the house  cleaning is back up to the expected
standards.  It was a absolute relief to come home to a lovely clean home.  Please pass on my gratitude.
-- Brandi Groves

(My wife) and I think that your team did a great job. We appreciate your diligence in providing a great service.
-- Tom McCormack

Overall, (my husband) and I are pleased. There were a few small things I noticed, but nothing major. It was great to come home to a
clean house!
-- Joyce Daniels

My wife and I were extremely pleased with the service the crew provided. It was a great service! We look forward to the next visit.
--Andrea Finazzi

My husband and I thought the cleaning crew did a great job & just in time! I had my baby Sunday night & just got home today. We were
both very pleased. It was everything we expected after seeing how well they clean our offices.  :)
--Jacquelyn Brown

Overall, your staff did a great job. On a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate a 9.5. The items they missed are "small peanut" type of stuff and
can easily be fixed.
--Stan Lenox

What a terrific job! I have gone through several cleaning companies and had given up for a while. I thought I would never find a
service who would clean to my satisfaction. You have restored my faith in that my house can indeed be cleaned well.
--Mildred Simmons

Thank you so much for the extra effort. Everything looks great!
--Melinda Pryor

The crew did a great job. Please let them know I was really happy with all they did, and very appreciative. It's great coming home to a
clean house. Much better than the prior service!
-- Nancy Mickelson

I can't believe how good the floors look! That was the first thing I noticed. Besides missing inside one of the bathroom cabinets,
and thanks for returning to take care of that, everything looked great!
--Ryan Starr

Just a quick note to say that the guys did a great job again! It was wonderful to come home to a clean and tidy house.
--Andrea Wykman

Just have to say 'WOW!' The ladies did a beautiful job and I am so grateful! Have a great day!
--Lisa Myers

The cleaning team did a very good job.
--Shawn Kirby

EVERYTHING -- power washing, window cleaning & interior cleaning -- looked great! Just wonderful! Thank you for such a good job!
--Shirley Casassa

I am very grateful for the job you did at our house. Your staff was very nice, respectful, and worked hard the entire time they were
here. Thank you for taking care of the few details I pointed out. The house looks great, and the windows are cleaner than I have ever
seen them! I am so glad (Elizabeth Chappell with Re/Max) recommended you.
--Lesley Larson

We voted for The Secret Service as the best maid service in The Woodlands. It is well-deserved!
--Pedro Rubio

I wanted to let you know that the ladies did a beautiful job and honestly, I think that's the cleanest I have ever seen the play room!
Thank you very much!
--Robin McKnight

I just want to tell you I just got home from work and WOW, my house looks beautiful! Thank you very much! It looks terrific!
--Holly Boyet

Brian, I want to tell you how pleased we are with your cleaning staff. They are polite and nice to us, and work very hard to keep my
house clean. We appreciate all they do for us.
--Diane Kerner

Brian, your team is great. It's nice to come home to a clean house!
--Stephanie Loomis-Price

Have I thanked you profusely enough for taking me back? Thank you x-finity! This afternoon, while the ladies were here, I blew
through here twice in a rush with the boys ... kitchen was a wreck and there were dirty dishes everywhere! I just came home without
the boys to a fabulously clean kitchen and a perfect peaceful haven. Thank you!!!!!
--Jennifer LeBlanc

Thanks for being so quick to help us out! :-)
--Tina Larson

Fabulous! It was such a treat to be able to walk into my house and have all of it be cleaned at the same time. It was amazing! I
immediately kicked the kids out and may not let them back in for a few days. Thank you very much. The team did a great job!
--Courtney Myers

Overall, the crew did a really good job. They did an especially well on the ceramic tile, and we have A LOT of it.  My husband
commented on how great the den looked.  There are a few small things they missed that we can easily fix, but otherwise, the house
looked great and it was so nice to have it off of my plate!
--Sandy Roberts

The cleaning lady did a great job today! There was one minor thing that was overlooked, but otherwise, she did a great job and was
very personable.
--Mary McInnis

The crew did a good job.  Other than two small things they missed, the house looked wonderful!
--Nici Hinkel

The ladies did an excellent job with the Spring cleaning today.  The house looks fantastic!
--Katy Patterson

The cleaning crew just left and my house sparkles!  Your crew did such a great job and they were so nice to deal with.  (My daughter)
called and I told her what a fantastic job your company did for me.  So my thanks go to you and your crew.  (My dog) is afraid to lay
down in the hallway due to the reflections from the floor.  The grout (restoration) is spotless!
--Diane Kerner

Everything was just about perfect after our Spring cleaning!  Besides the streaks on the front door glass, everything was perfectly
--Brenda Marceau-Chadborn

I think you (The Secret Service) have done a great job since I hired you.
--Allyson Stevens

The cleaning crew did an excellent job!  5 stars!  The last crew I had in said they were doing a very thorough clean, but when they
finished, there were many things I had to ask them to re-clean.  I have so far had a very pleasant experience with you.  Thank you!
--Judy Richmond

I was SO pleased with your service.  I have to tell you that I was skeptical because I was having eight people come to my house, and I
did not think your two-person crew would be able to do a job that makes me happy, but they did!  It's wonderful!  I'm happy.  They
were great and I didn't find one thing I wasn't happy with.
--Cheryl Perry

The crew really did an outstanding job with the Spring cleaning!  Absolutely no complaints.
--Nickole Anderson

We were very happy with your service.  The move-out clean and the carpet cleaning were both done very well.  Out of 5 stars, my
experience with The Secret Service was a 5!
--Lori Champion

I had a fantastic experience today with your firm.  Not only did you come out the same day I called, your crew did a great job at my
house!  I am very happy to sign up for regular maid service with you.
--Lillian Viktorin

The cleaning crew did a fantastic job!  It was a lot to do and they performed remarkably!  Thank you!
--Robin Lancon

Really great job, Brian.  The crew did a fantastic job throughout the two days they were here.  Thank you for taking such good care of
us.  I have a lot of tennis friends who will be hearing about you.
--Susan Horner

Absolutely amazing!  What a terrific job (move-in clean)!  I am very happy!  My boyfriend will be amazed when he sees it.  I know he'll
want you to come to his house!
--Danielle Caldwell

Tremendous job!  Everything we talked about was done, and done well.  Excellent follow-through.  Punctual.  Efficient. Professional.
--William Ott

You guys did a great job at the house.  Aside from a  few minor issues, I am very impressed.  Thank you!
--Kathy Roberts

Really good job power washing.  It turned out much better than I expected.  Super service!
--Byron Babin

Good first visit.  My husband and I couldn't find ANY place that was missed.  We are looking forward to using the other services you
--Sherri Michalk

The cleaning crew did a fantastic job!  They worked around the movers, got everything done, and didn't lose a minute of time even
when some areas were still being worked on.  They didn't take a single break because they knew I was in a hurry.  5 stars is not
enough for the level of service we received.  Keller-Williams has already heard about my experience since they referred you.  
--Cathy Jenks

5 stars!  Everything was done extremely well!  The shower restoration ... the grout ... the Spring cleaning!  Great job!  Thank you!
--Lori Frey

You are one of my favorite people right now!  Thanks for coming on such short notice and for doing such a great job!
--Allyson Kuehn

You did a great job power washing!  You went above and beyond the call of duty!  I am very happy with the results.  I am telling all of
my friends about you!
--Lily Abreha

Great job!  The grout is perfect, the shower looks perfect, the house looks so much better!  It looks like some areas of the
baseboards were missed, but otherwise, a perfect job.
--Dr. Patricia Allamon

The crew did a very nice job once again.  Thank you!
--Marcy Tybur

My wife and I were very happy with your first visit to our house.  We are looking forward to starting our regular service with you.
--Christopher Mastin

We just finished walking the house and we are impressed.  The crew did a great job!  I will be sure to let Keller-Williams know since
they recommended you.  5 stars!  Thanks!
--Ryan and Amanda Pedro

The house looks great!  Excellent service!  Excellent results!  Your outstanding reputation is well-deserved.
--Marie Denton

The crew was very nice and very thorough.  It was a challenging project considering all of the hard-to-reach glass in the sun room,
but the crew got it all and it's crystal clear.  The power washing was thoroughly done as well.  They did a great job working around
us.  Five stars!
--Wendi Ervin

What an incredible job!  When I walked in, I thought, "Wow! This looks like a different place!"  After a bad experience with another
maid service, it's hard to believe you're in the same industry.  What a difference between them and (The Secret Service).  Very
professional.  Very good job.
--Joey Stephenson

Great job by you and your crews, Brian.  I was very pleased with the first house you did for me, and just as pleased with the second.  
The crew put in a great effort despite the lack of electricity and air conditioning.  It has been a pleasure working with your company.  
Five-star service!
--Karen Mitchell

I wanted to write to thank you for getting out to my house on such short notice.  You went out of your way to ensure I was taken care
of.  The house looked and smelled outstanding when the crew left.  You took a huge burden off of me.
--Chris Leturno

I have used several maid services over the past few years, and I must say that I was very impressed Friday when you cleaned my
home.  Much better service than I have received lately.  Other than a few small items that were missed, the crew did a great job.
-- Linda Gilbride

Another fantastic job, Brian!  The crew was incredibly conscientious and did a terrific job, especially with the windows.  They have
never looked better!  You have taken good care of us over the past few years, and I really appreciate it.  Your concern for us goes
beyond the bottom line, and your advice has always been straight as an arrow.  I appreciate the time and effort you spend with your
consultations.  I am just sorry we have to move.  Thank you for everything!
--Darlene Castille

Terrific job on the windows, Brian!  You and your tech were very thorough and conscientious, including putting back all of my plants
and furniture.  Thank you for such a professional job!
--Cynthia Havens

Fantastic job at our house yesterday!  The whole house looks and smells great!  We are also very pleased with the window cleaning.  
I hired you to take this burden off of me just before we had our second child, and that's exactly what you did.  What a relief!  I couldn't
have asked for more.
--Nickole Anderson

You guys did a great job on the windows at my home!  They are impeccably clean!  Very conscientious and detail-minded. I especially
appreciate the care your tech exercised around my furniture and carpeted areas.  Thank you!
--Dan Schmidt, Owner
Windows of Houston

Really good job on the Spring cleaning.  After seeing some areas that were missed, I really appreciate you sending the crew back
immediately to take care of it.  They were very nice on the return trip and took care of all of my concerns.  We appreciate your work
and how honest you were with everything.
--Laura Hollis

The house looked great :)  It was so nice to come home to a clean house especially on a Friday!  Love how well you cleaned the inside
of the refrigerator & oven!  FIVE STARS!
--Gina Davis

The service you gave us today was a home run -- out of the ballpark!!  The crew should be told that we think they did a great job!  The
kitchen counters, doors, appliances were all cleaned very well ... the bathrooms too!!!  And I cannot find dust anywhere!
--Allyson Kuehn

The crew did a great job today.  I want to commend you on getting up to speed so quickly with my special requests and doing such a
great job from the outset.  Thank you!
--Cassie Jones

The crew is doing great!  I really appreciate all what you guys do.  My life has greatly improved since we hired your service.  Excellent
--Connie Duke

The house looks awesome!  Thanks Brian.
--Allyson Kuehn

The windows on my house look great, both inside and out!  You guys did great job.  A perfect score on quality and value!  Not a single
complaint!  Thank you for the rush job and for working around the movers.
--Verity Lichte

What a wonderful job!  You power washed the house, driveway, porches and sidewalks, gave me a complete interior move-out clean,
cleaned the carpet, and cleaned all my windows inside and out.  EVERYTHING was done very well.  This has been a very gratifying and
smooth experience.  I will definitely be calling in the future!
--Sue White

I have had my floor grout restored, my shower restored, and my master bathtub restored.  I was amazed at the time that was spent
on each area as compared with the price that was quoted.  I look forward to my carpets being cleaned and then starting my new bi-
monthly service with The Secret Service.  It is nice to do business with someone like Brian who really takes the time to get to know
you, and your needs and expectations.
--Olivia Gunn

The windows look great!  Just a perfect, impeccable job.  The difference is remarkable.  Thank you for such tremendous results!  I
only wish I lived there (at the rent house) so I could enjoy them all the time!
--Deborah Conley

Absolutely no complaints.  We’re all impressed with how the floors shine, yet they’re not slippery (the other cleaning service had
them as slippery as ice)
--Jennifer Long

The Secret Service did a great job restoring the grout in my home!  I give the results a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.  The price was very
reasonable ($525 less than another contractor) and the floors look great!  I definitely chose the right company to handle this project.
--Catherine Fambrini

Thank you for taking care of the issues I brought to your attention.  The house looked great!
--Carrie Markette

(The first visit was) awesome! The crew did a terrific job! It was great to come home to a clean house. Look forward already to the
next cleaning.
--Cheryl Libersat

I was very pleased with the work that was done today. I like how you listened to what I needed and worked with me on price initially
and today I was very pleased with the results. I wanted a clean look and smell and thats what I got! Thanks for everything! :)
--Peggy Pinnell

I wanted to let you know how pleased Anya and I are with your service. From the outset, we were impressed with your company's
approach to handling our cleaning requirements. From the suggestions you made during the walk-through, to the end-result upon
completion of the job, the experience was easy, reasonably priced, and very timely. Thank you!
--Prentiss Harper

I had to get back in touch with you to tell you what a great job the cleaning crew did! I am very impressed! Thank you for all the hard
-- Wanita Durkin

Great job today by our team! Everything they did was wonderful and it was SO NICE to walk into a house after a busy day and have it
be so clean and well done. Please tell the team thank you for us if you will.
--Donna Edwards

The initial clean was fabulous! I appreciate their work. I look forward to having them come thru on Tuesday again... The joy of a clean
house is something I truly look forward to.
--Jennifer LeBlanc

Hi Brian!
We are back from Hawaii and it was sooooo nice to come back to our lovely, clean home. We really appreciate you and the ladies
taking such good care of us.
--Debbie Stuard

The ladies did a fantastic job with the Spring cleaning at my house today! I am very impressed with how thorough they were. I haven't
found anything that was missed! The only problem is they are going to make me look bad to my husband because they cleaned much
better than I ever could have! Thank you for making this such an easy and gratifying experience.
--Leslie Reilly

Excellent service. You have always been so easy to work with, and the ladies who clean my house are so sweet and kind. I have
always felt very comfortable with them in my home. I really appreciate the extra steps they take when they are cleaning. The ladies
do a great job every time they are here.
--Crystal Mulville
Y'all did a great job over the past 10 months! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anybody! I
appreciate the service.
(cancelled due to relocation)
--Michael Erbach

Thank you for getting me on the schedule today. The ladies did an outstanding job. They went above and
beyond! They swept out my front porch so the pollen and debris woudl stay at bay!!! Very thoughtful.
They fold the toilet paper in to a "V" like a hotel! Sweet to boot! Nice employees you got Brian!
-- Nickole Miller

You are wonderful -- thank you!
-- Meredith Nehmer

Brian ... you are the best!
-- Linda Hughes

The ladies did great!
-- Anna Ebach
(281) 610-4065

P.O. Box 8766
The Woodlands, TX.