(281) 610-4065

P.O. Box 8766
The Woodlands, TX.  

We have been very pleased since hiring The Secret Service. Every time I walk in the building in the morning, it looks clean and it
smells clean.
-- Megan Goudeket, Owner
Fun In Swimming (fINs)
The Woodlands & Spring

You guys do a perfect job every time!
-- Jacquelyn Hamilton
Kangaroo Forest

You guys do a great job! We appreciate you.
-- James Dupuis, Attorney
Dupuis & Polozola

The apartments looked good to me, we won’t know anything for sure until the apartments get leased out.  I don’t foresee an issue.
Like I said, the apartments looked good to me.  Thanks again Brian for coming through for us!
-- Karen Anderson, Office Coordinator
ValleyCrest Landscape Management

The landscaping looks fabulous. Can't wait for our (Open House)! You listened to what we wanted, and you delivered in a big way! You
have done a great job. I'm very pleased. Also, since your recommendation on the floor treatment, the lead teacher in the babies'
room has been very happy, and she impossible ... in a good way! ;o)
-- Nicole Fanguy, Director
Primrose School of Conroe

You guys do great work!
-- Jack Stibbs, Attorney
RE: The Woodlands CrawPHish Festival

Hi, Brian. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that these two ladies cleaning our office are great!
--Nancy Boudreaux, Office Manager
Afton, Incorporated

Just met with the crew leader - very nice of him to go to the trouble to come over here.  I showed him the item that had been thrown
away, and all is good.  In the end, we retrieved it, and no harm done. Unbelievable customer service on your part - bravo.
--Doris Ryan, CFO
Texas Pools

Now that we've hired The Secret Service, the office looks good. Thanks for the effort!
--David Baker, Branch Manager
SWBC Mortgage

The cleaning staff has been doing a remarkable job. I think all of my staff has noticed the difference.
I'm very glad to have switched to The Secret Service. The last cleaning company lasted a month. It looks like you'll be around a while.
--Amber Secrest, Owner
The Kangaroo Forest

Thank you for going the extra mile!
--Debbie King, Administrator
RiverPointe Professional Building

You are absolutely the most professional cleaning company I have ever worked with. It's amazing the time you take to assess and
understand our cleaning needs, and is exactly what we need. You have earned your place as our primary cleaning service provider.
--Stan Flores
Evolve Homebuilders

We were very pleased with your service! The girls worked very hard and did a lovely job. I am very appreciative of everything you
have done.
--Laura Balmaceda, Co-Owner
Affinity Ballroom

I received a very positive comment regarding the cleanliness of the women's showers today. The shampoo dispensers were
noticeably cleaner and there was no hair in the stalls. Great job!
--Alan Veenendaal, General Manager
VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa

The pastor was really pleased. He said the carpets had never been (vacuumed) so thoroughly. Everyone at the church is very happy.
--Janet Burnett
for Joyful Life Lutheran Church

When I came in to work, the lobby and hall floors were just gleaming!  They really looked wonderful; very clean and bright.  Pass on
a thanks for a job well done to the cleaning team.
--Dr. Camille Bock

Just wanted to let you know we have seen an improvement in the crew's cleaning.  We appreciate that you have addressed and
corrected the issues we brought to your attention.
--Denise Saxton, Site Director
POA of Legends Ranch

Brian, I just wanted to let you know that your staff did an amazing job in our office last night.  We were very pleased and I wanted
you to let them know that we appreciate it so much.  Thank you for taking the time to come and talk with us and listen to our issues.
--Cindy Register, Office Manager
Marimed Shipping

Everything looks great.  The Spring cleaning and the VCT waxing were both done very well.  Besides missing one corner waxing
the VCT, I am very happy.
--Jasper Lovoi, Owner
The Woodlands Compounding Pharmacy

Everything in the office looks great!  The crew did such a great job last night.  The price was very reasonable too!
--Kimberly Hokanson
Marquise Pools

The Secret Service has been an integral part of the success of Belle Rose Maison.  You came highly recommended and you have
not disappointed.  You and your staff have done an incredible job at each event.   You and your crews are extremely helpful and I
am very happy to have you as a vendor.
--Debbie Adams, Owner
Belle Rose Maison
Wedding and Event Facility

I want to commend you for doing such a great job again at the chamber's Taste of the Town (ToT) fundraiser. Your service at the
event has improved consistently every year since you began helping us at ToT in 2003, and the past four years have run especially
smoothly; again, there were NO complaints about the trash service -- that was wonderful!  Thank you for taking on such an
extremely difficult task, and for all of the trash cans and trash bags you donate to the event every year. All of us here at the
SMCWCC are proud to have you as a Chairman's Circle member.
--Karen Hoylman, President
South Montgomery County Woodlands Chamber of Commerce

You guys ARE outstanding! You guys do a fabulous job at Stone Gate, and I know you have been great at Legends Ranch. The
comment was from me, but I know (Houston manager) Linda feels the same.
--Sarah Hudson, Project Manager
Planned Community Management, Inc.

The floors (VCT) turned out great!  The client was very pleased.  It took a lot of work, and (the client) needed as close to perfect as
possible, and that's what you delivered.
--Kenneth Brown, Owner
Carpet CPR
on behalf of Texas Health and Human Services

Great results, Brian!  You were a great find.  The crews were on time, worked hard and were very thorough at each phase of the
project.  Everything, including the windows, turned out very well.  Thank you.
--Ryan Leach, Lakeview Construction
on behalf of Carter's Childrens Clothing

The start of the janitorial service has been excellent.  And the windows were cleaned so well, (the owner) wants you to clean them
at his house.
--Cindy Register, Office Manager
Marimed Shipping

Your janitorial service has everything looking good.  The doors and glass job came out looking very nice.  I appreciate your
follow-up.  You're a welcome addition.
--Greg Chapman, General Manager
BMW & Mini of The Woodlands

What a great job on the (strip and wax) VCT!  The guys were terrific and the floors haven't looked like this in a long time!  We are
very happy!
--Denise Ford
American Laser Centers

Thank you so much for your professional service!  It is so nice to be able to call on you and know that you will come through for
me every single time!  You are greatly appreciated!
--Michelle Witt, Realtor
EXIT Realty Group

The crew did an outstanding job at our office last night.  Just marvelous!  Incredible!
--Anne Smith, Office Coordinator
Vendor Credentialing Service

What an incredible job!  You have taken such a burden off of me!  I feel like I have been going in circles trying to find a reliable,
ethical, trustworthy cleaning service.  After a year of despicable performance from other cleaning vendors, I have finally found what
I and my clients need.  You are already performing impressively!  I am no longer worried about receiving complaints about the
cleaning from the communities I manage.  You are a welcome change.
--Sarah Hudson, Project Manager
Planned Community Management, Inc.

I think The Secret Service has done a great job over the past two years. After a bad experience with our former cleaning company,
it gives me hope as the manager of this business complex that there is a cleaning company who is doing what they said they would
do. Very happy we switched to The Secret Service.
--Barry Newman
Murphy Energy
on behalf of Regency at No. 7 Business Condominium Complex

Again, you have risen to the occasion.  Getting all of these clubhouses and restrooms cleaned and ready for the pool season is a
considerable undertaking, and again, our clients are commenting on just how great everything looks.  Your service is exactly what I
need for my clients because I know I won't have to check behind you or wonder whether or not the job is being done right.  Well
worth the money.  Thank you!
--Heather Dominey, Owner
A-Beautiful Pools

In the two years since we hired you, you have consistently proven that we made the right choice in janitorial service.  From a small
sales trailer, to now over 12 buildings and more than 21 occupants, your company has consistently provided top-tier service, and
you earn every dime we pay.  Complaints are minimal, but when they do come up, you are on top of it, and they have all been
handled quickly and effectively.  Your follow-up is extraordinary.  It's obvious you care not only about the cleanliness of the
buildings here, but the success of Brownstone as a whole.  Kudos!
--Heather Carlile, Sales Director
Brownstone Office Condominiums

You guys did a super job on our floors (VCT).  They look great!
--Krystal Urban
Family Healthcare Affiliates, Conroe

After more than two years, I still think The Secret Service is a superior service. You have done an outstanding job since the day I
hired you. You are dependable, conscientious, and detail-minded, and have bent over backward several times to help me, including
recently when we had a very important security issue.  The two previous cleaning companies we had cannot measure up to The
Secret Service. I am a huge fan!
--Johnny Greene
Spa at the Waterway

The crew did a wonderful job yesterday!  I was VERY pleased!  Everyone has commented!  I look forward to seeing you again next
--Debbie Silverstein
Facility Manager, Land Tejas
Legends Ranch POA

The house you cleaned for our client looked great!  Thank you for getting the job done so quickly and effectively.
--Brian Schweiker, Realtor
Congratulations on keeping us for 8 years.  Pat yourself on the back ... this is a sign of true success for
any business. Your industry is extremely competitive, we are called on by other cleaning companies all
the time.  Your stable service, price point and professional staff training has kept us a loyal customer.
Lets go for another 8 years!
-- Mike Powell, Owner
Mike Powell Insurance

Even with the crew change, there has been no change in the quality of the nightly cleaning. It is still
excellent as always. Including the landscaping service you provide for us, this has been a much
improved experience over the previous janitorial service.
-- Jenny Millington, Co-Owner
Primrose School of Conroe

What an amazingly difficult job you handled for me. The sellers left us (The Rianne Sanchez Group) in
a very uncomfortable situation with our buyers who were beside themselves in frustration. Your
professionalism, deft, and knowledge of your industry -- and mine -- was on full display during this
situation, and your tactful use of those traits and talents brought this to a remarkably gratifying
conclusion. This was not just about cleaning, this was about understanding our needs, and the needs
of our clients, and you delivered in spades! I can't imagine that any other cleaning company could
have handled it better!
-- Danny Sanchez, Realtor
The Rianne Sanchez Group
Keller Williams Realty