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As a former Texas Realtor, company founder and president Brian Domingue knows
the importance of making a house look and smell good.  At The Secret Service, we
can make your house to look good for market, or get it ready for the buyers to move-in.

Marketing a house means making it shine.  You want to invest in getting everything
clean and looking good for pictures and/or shoppers.  This means NOT investing in
cleaning inside the cabinets and drawers if it's not necessary, an expense that can
raise your cleaning bill considerably.  You DO want to invest in window cleaning, and
power washing if necessary, to make the property look new(er) and as though it has
been well-maintained.  You may also consider having the carpets cleaned, although
it may not be necessary.  Don't waste your money on carpet cleaning if it already
looks good!

We want you to invest in what will help you sell your home.  We do not oversell, and
will tell you, based on our experience which of our services is a good investment.  
Many times, we re-direct a client's budget to more worthwhile services that will help
them sell their home faster.  For example, window cleaning instead of carpet
cleaning, a shower restoration (see home page) instead of power washing, etc.

Getting a house ready for a move-in brings on entirely different considerations.  Once
the house is sold, cleaning and sanitizing inside the cabinets and drawers is almost a
must.  Every surface has to be disinfected and ready for the buyers to touch, set their
plates in, and set their flatware in.  Our approach is to imagine that the new owners
have a small child who is going to touch everything, then put the fingers directly into
his/her mouth.  We don't want preventable germs going into that mouth.

Make sure you carefully consider where your money will be best used.  One-time
cleans are an investment.  Make sure you choose the right cleaning investment for
your purposes.  Things to consider about the services we provide:

CARPET CLEANING  Do you want the carpets cleaned, or do they NEED to be
cleaned?  Don't overspend!
POWER WASHING  Do the unsightly areas really detract from the appearance of the
house?  Everyone has dirt on their driveway and sidewalks, but mold on the house
and/or garage is a much bigger problem in terms of aesthetics AND
THOROUGH BLIND CLEANING  Can the blinds be dusted with a duster, or do they
need to be hand-wiped?  The difference in time and expense can be significant.
WINDOW CLEANING  On a limited budget, can you yourself clean the inside well
enough, and spend the money having The Secret Service clean the windows?  Clean
windows are a VERY important part of marketing a house!  Spend your money on the
windows first!
GROUT RESTORATION  Even if the kitchen grout is dirty/dark, is it obvious?  Will a
shopper see a marked difference between the dirty and clean grout?  If not, don't
waste your money.
SHOWER RESTORATION  Is the shower stall, like all others in The Woodlands area,
clouded with hard water scale?  If so, does it significantly detract from the overall
appearance of the home?  If everything except the shower looks clean and
well-maintained, consider a restoration.  (please see the link on our home page).
MAID SERVICE  If you're trying to sell, consider having us come in regularly while
your house is on the market.  We would love to have you, even if it's only temporary.