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One of our core services, our neighbors in The Woodlands
have trusted us in their homes for more than seven years.
Company founder and president Brian Domingue personally
developed the cleaning program used for residential service
from the ground up.

Originally a sole proprietor, Mr. Domingue cleaned every
house himself, trying different products, different methods
and different equipment that would not only clean better, but would increase
efficiency.  He went through many processes and products, including vacuum
cleaners, the first few years in business (see article: Consumer's Guide to Choosing a
Vacuum Cleaner).

Mr. Domingue learned first-hand what clients were worried about, what their
conditions were, and what made them happy.  From this experience, he set the
policies and procedures under which we operate today.  They are:

                                    1) Every client will receive the same person, or crew         
                                    of people, each visit.  If or when a crew is changed,
is                                           the client will be notified in advance.
                                    2) Mr. Domingue or a senior field manager will
                                    accompany the crew to a new residential account to
                                    convey the concerns and issues that were pointed out to
                                    Mr. Domingue during the walk-through with the client.
                                    3) If a crew is ever changed, the same thing as with "2)" above
shall occur with the new crew.
4) When beginning a residential service, we will not require a thorough "Spring"
cleaning and the hefty fees that accompany such a service.
5) We will honor our quotes and will never go back to a client after a job is complete
to ask for more money -- even if we lose money on the job.  If rates must be raised,
clients shall be notified at least 30 days in advance.
6) No residential client shall be held "hostage" by requiring advance notice of
cancellation. *
7)  We shall guarantee satisfactory service.  We shall be
ready to return at no charge when a client is dissatisfied.
8) We shall tailor our service to the client, addressing his
or her preferences such as making beds, taking out trash,
washing & folding laundry, ironing, etc.  If we agree to a
request, we shall take responsibility for it.
9) NO ONE with any felonies, regardless of the offense, or
any thefts, whether a misdemeanor or felony, shall be allowed to work with or for The
Secret Service.

Please see the "TESTIMONIALS" page to read what others are saying about our maid

* As with our rescheduling policy, 24 hours advance notice required.