The Black-Eyed Pea on Lake Woodlands Drive found a
dynamo in
Olga Beletzuy! We've witnessed her incredible
work ethic and dedication to her job many times before, but
she went above and beyond the call this visit. A customer had
been waiting several minutes at the unmanned bar to make a
to-go order. Despite her already significant workload, Olga
walked across half the restaurant to greet that customer and
take his order. Y ella habla Espanol!?! The Secret Service may
have just found its next staff member!
(281) 610-4065

P.O. Box 8766
The Woodlands, TX.  

We believe in good service so much that we are now looking for people who deliver it!  
The Secret Service, Cleaning Service, LLC, is giving away up to $400 per month to  
anyone who shows a genuine care and concern for others.  We are looking mostly for
people whose concern for
others transcends their obligations to their jobs.  However,
it could be anyone who is doing or has done a good deed for someone else, whe
ther at the workplace or not.  
Every time we find someone, we write him or her a $100
check on the spot! It's our way of making extra effort for them just as we witness
them making extra effort for others.
The Charles Don Palmore Memorial

1 June 2009
Ashley Widner
works the late shift at Whataburger on Sawdust Rd.
in The Woodlands.  She has a great disposition and despite the
late-night hours, gives bright and sunny service.  Ashley received
$100 on the spot!  Way to go Ashley!  Thank you for such great
Christi Murff takes hair styling to new heights at the Got Style
salon on FM 242.  She does a great job with both men's and
women's styles, but has been chosen because of the
unbelievable care she takes with men's & boy's cuts.  She has a
very loyal following and there is almost always a line to get in to
see her.  If there is a man or boy waiting in the lobby, he is
almost assuredly waiting for her!  Christi now has the burden of
burning the extra $100 in her pocket!
What great service Alan Scharf gave us when we visited the
bicycle section of Toys R Us in The Woodlands.  We don't usually
encounter staff who jumps at our requests and follows through to
the degree Alan did.  He showed a genuine concern and delight
for our daughter as she picked out her birthday bicycle, and
humored us for quite a while as we took a few for "test drives"
inside the store.  He really made himself a helpful and enjoyable
part of the process.  After looking at the $100 award, he joked,
"Ask for me EVERY time you come in!"  Indeed we will!
If you would like to nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, please e-mail us at
Charles and Donna Moseley are looking out for
their neighbors and their neighborhood in the village
of Indian Springs. During their almost daily walks, the
couple take it upon themselves to pick up all the
trash they encounter along the way.  Mr. Moseley was
actually carrying a litter grabber the day we saw
them, and they were both carrying plastic bags into
which they put the trash.  Thank you to the Moseleys
for doing your small, silent part for our community.  
With their $100 service award, perhaps a down
payment on a garbage truck?
What fantastic service we received from Larry Roberts at Sunbelt
Rentals next door to Lowe's on FM 242.  From our first contact on
the phone, he was helpful and his tone was friendly.  When we
had to wait on equipment, then the equipment failed once we
received it, he was very flexible, and he took several steps and
made several concessions to ensure we had the right equipment,
and for the length of time we needed it to complete our project.  
Great guy!  Uncommonly helpful for that industry.  At $100 a pop,
we will go broke if everyone we encounter treats us like Larry.
Sarah Gilliam may remind you of every sweet and
kind-hearted person you've ever encountered. Her personal,
friendly demeanor i
s a warm welcome at the to-go window of
Pappa's BBQ on I-45 in Shenandoah, and it seems to come so
naturally for her. Her work ethic shows as well: I was writing her
a $100 check, but she couldn't wait around, taking off to fill the
next order! I'm surprised she stood still long
enough for a photo!
You may get good service eating in at Pappa's, but as long as
Sarah is working the drive-thru, I'll get mine to go!

The service award is given in memory of Charles Don "Charlie" Palmore who touched
the lives of everyone who knew him. He loved life, and personified greatness as a
father, grandfather, husband, brother, friend, employee, employer and business
partner. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to him, and to everyone who makes this world
a little better.

Here are the shining stars we have found:
Derek Tyler is an absolutely professional, unflappable waiter at
The Woodlands location of Guadalajara Cantina. A table of 12
with some very specific food requests including several children
kept him sprinting between us and the kitchen, yet he handled
it incredibly well, and with amazing poise! Even with the extra
demands of correcting food orders for cranky old people, he still
kept glasses full, and chips and salsa coming. Truth be told,
applause was in order after our tornado left, but he seemed just
as happy with an EXTRA $100 tip!
It's difficult to forget an encounter with Dre Sneed at
Sonic in The Woodlands mall. He brings his energetic
and humorous personality with him to the job,
providing a comedically entertaining experience with
your cherry lime-aid. Serious as a kidney stone when it
comes to getting your order to you right and fast, he's
just as serious about making the most fun from his
shifts, and he pulls you right in with his high energy
and zany, quick humor. Next shift will be at Laff Stop.