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We feel, and have always felt that the most effective way to clean any carpet is by
steam extraction.  Especially with deeper pile residential carpet, the force of the
super-heated water penetrates the fibers much more effectively than any other
method.  Additionally, heated water, or steam, is much more effective at killing
germs, and killing dust mites and other microscopic invaders.  It also reduces the
amount of chemicals needed to clean carpet and remove stains, reducing impact on
the environment, and reducing your exposure to chemicals and their residue.

We employ truck-mounted steam-extraction units -- the most powerful available -- to
service your carpet.  On tougher spots, we will pre-treat with a chemical agent at your
request; however, there is never a guarantee that any treatment will remove a stain.  
Several factors preclude a guarantee: the type of carpet, the quality of the carpet, the
type of stain, the recurrence of the stain, whether or not there is a protectant on the
carpet, and other factors.  If someone guarantees they can remove a spot, be wary.  
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There is a higher level of service available.  In addition to our industry-leading
equipment, we do not make our clients wait all day -- or even half a day -- wondering
when we will show up.  We can usually schedule your carpet service within a
one-hour window.  And guess what?!  We may be late, and are often early, but you
receive a phone call from us regardless, more accurately pinpointing our arrival time
on the day of service.

Don't settle for less!  Call The Secret Service to schedule your carpet cleaning today!



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