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The Woodlands, TX.  

A logical complement to our janitorial
and custodial service, maintaining our
commercial clients' landscaping i
s a
perfect fit! Our founder Mr. Domingue
has assembled the
best and most
landscaping teams worthy
of the White
House! As with all accounts
The Secret Service, Mr. Domingue
is personally involved with the
lawn and landscaping maintenance,
putting his 10+ years of passion as
an amateur landscaper to work.

We provide all lawn and landscape maintenance services including:
-- Mow, edge & blow
-- Pruning and weeding
-- Mulch delivery and application (including playground mulch)
-- Ant & insect control
-- Dead
or sick plant/tree removal and replacement
-- Lawn, and bed(s) fertilization

Include or exclude any of our maintenance services. All maintenance agreements can
be tailored according your specific needs.
-- And a service that you usually need to hire separately for ---
We cut our teeth here*, and now The Secret Service is
ready to service YOUR lawn and landscaping needs.
After witnessing our commitment to their satisfaction with our janitorial service, the
Primrose School of Conroe called on us looking for a higher standard of service with
their lawn and landscaping. After consultation, we were able to match what they
were paying, and got to work right away.

Along with basic recurring services, we were immediately tasked with preparing the
grounds for their Spring Open House to take place within a few weeks. We
completed the project on time, garnering the following comments from the school
owners and director:

"It is exactly what we needed."
"The landscaping looks fabulous."
"You have done a great job."
"You listened to us, and you gave us exactly what we asked for."

The project included all of the following:
-- audit of all flora and fauna comparing what is on the corporate
"poisonous" vs "non-poisonous" list
-- removal of all unapproved "poisonous plants"
-- weekly maintenance: mow, edge and blow
-- fertilization of all grass areas
-- extensive weed removal and pruning
-- addition of close to 20 yards of bed mulch
-- addition of 10 yards of playground mulch
-- removal of dozens of grasses and plants killed by the freeze(s)
-- extensive shopping, planning and in
stallation of replacement plants
-- co-owner wanted color that lasts (perennials) on which we delivered,
namely Sweet Broom, Society Garlic, Verbena and red fountain grass
-- the director wanted new, larger bushes to screen play areas, on which we delivered (that was NOT an easy task
since many large bushes (6+ feet) are considered "poisonous")
-- although sprinkler work is not in the contract, we didn't want their new plants to die, so we spent hours at no
extra charge checking and assessing the sprinkler system. we notified the school of several leaks and broken
heads, after which they approved repairs which we are in the process of fixing.

If this is the kind of attention to detail you demand from your lawn and landscaping service, then The Secret
Service is only company you need to call: (281) 610-4065.

* Not really. It's a joke.
** Offered only as part of a maintenance contract.